Rent The Center

The Moss Rose Community and Development Center is available for rent. We have ample parking, a full kitchen, and we are fully handicap accessible. The facility is non-smoking and alcohol is prohibited.

up to 3 hours 3 plus hours
Non Resident$150.00$250.00

For additional information and reservations, please contact Janice Taylor at 254-394-4653

Moss Rose Community and Development Center

1103 E. Ave E

Open Monday - Friday: 9am to 4pm

What happens if I don't do it?

The PHA must review your community service every year, at least 30 days before the end of a 12 month lease term, to see if you have satisfied your requirement. The PHA may require verification from the agency where you volunteer that you have done the hours of service. You cannot be evicted in the middle of your lease term if you fail to do your community service hours. However, if you don't follow these rules, your lease may not be renewed for another term. Before deciding not to renew your lease because you haven't done your community service, the PHA must notify you of the non-compliance and of your right to a grievance of that decision. The PHA also must give you a chance to fix the problem. You can fix it by agreeing to make up the hours over the 12 month period of the new lease term (in addition to your usual 8 hours per month). However, if you still fail to do the hours or refuse to comply and you are not exempt from the community service requirement, the PHA eventually may not renew your lease.

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Killeen Housing Authority


Agencies and individuals who are interested in providing support or hosting one of our events may contact staff by phone or email. 

We greatly appreciate all that our community organizations do to support our residents and neighborhood.

Neighborhood Lunch

KHA partners with several faith based organizations to provide weekly free meals to residents and neighbors. See our calendar for dates and times.


Services Offered

The Resident Service Coordinator is located in the Moss Rose Community and Development Center. 

Community Service Requirement

What is the public housing community service requirement?
Since 2003, all adult public housing tenants must perform 8 hours of community service each month, unless they are exempt (excused from the requirement).
Who is excused?

Some of the people who are excused are:

--Tenants 62 years or older;

--Tenants who are blind or disabled and show that they cannot do the requirement because of their disability;

--The caretaker of a blind or disabled person;

--Tenants who are excused from the work requirements of state welfare programs;

--Members of families that receive SNAP or TANF if they are following the work requirement rules for TANF;

--Tenants doing "work activities."

What is "work activity"?

There is a long list of "work activities," including:
--Having a job for a certain number of hours a week. The PHA can set the number of hours a week that counts;

--Going to school to help get a job, such as classes toward getting a GED;

--Being in a job search and job readiness assistance program;

--Vocational educational training;

--Good current attendance in high school or in a course of study leading to a certificate of general equivalence.

These are just some of the things that count as "work activities," but it is not the whole list.

What must you do if you are not excused?
You must do community service every year. You must do at least 8 hours per month and at least 96 hours per year.
What counts as community service?
Many things may count. For example, volunteering for a non-profit group, such as the girl scouts or the cancer society, or volunteering at a school, may count. Doing volunteer work at the public housing complex may also count as community service. You should get your community service plan okayed by the Resident Service Coordinator before you start doing the work. You cannot use political activities or employment as your community service, but there are many other possibilities that can count as community service.